You cannot afford to leave dust sitting on your computer

We are relying on our computers so heavily in today’s modern society; however we do not provide adequate maintenance to keep them performing reliability.  Did you know that accumulation of dust is the number one cause for computers overheating?   Computers require optimal cooling power to function adequately and dust accumulation prevents fans from pushing enough circulating air, a computer heat sink dissipates heat from the CPU to prevent its hundreds of delicate pins from high temperatures, it is vital that this component is well maintained to keep the system operating at the correct cooling power.


What to look out for

Fan noise: a loud fan is a sign that it is over compensating, the system is not providing enough cooling power and therefore being overworked to provide adequate cooling.

High temperature: a higher temperature indicates that the heat sink is not dissipating enough heat from the CPU, causing heat to be dispersed through other components and the external casing.  Usually a symptom of an accumulation of dust within the heat sink.

Operating System instability: system crashes and unexplained power cycles can be caused by extreme dust build up.  When the system is not circulating enough cool air and temperatures are reaching excessive levels, the system programmed behaviour is to shut down and immediately reduce any stress on system components.


Tips on cleaning dust from your computer

  • Power down your computer and disconnect all cabling from the back of your computer before cleaning it.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove excess dust from the external casing and keep clear of any input ports.
  • Always keep the computer clear of any water or liquid, spray cleansing solutions directly onto the cloth and never on the computer.
  • Use anti-static wipes for computer screens and peripherals.
  • Use a dust mask and clean in a large open area.
  • Remove the external case to expose the internal system board, use a can of compressed air upright to blow the dust from the internal components.
  • Handle the computer with care, avoid damaging internal system hardware and never contact any internal system components without an anti-static strap.

5 reasons why you must get different cleaning quotes from commercial or domestic cleaners

As we become a society where more and more information is stored digitally, our data centres or just the average server and storage combination in the corner cabinet contains more highly sensitive information. More and more people are relying on the reliability of these servers to gain access to their data. One aspect of keeping an area containing servers reliable is to provide the write cooling and ventilation with minimal dust gathering. This leads to the discussion of cleaning this area in order to maintain reliable systems for your customers or users. Office cleaners are being granted more access to office space in order to fulfill their duties, so finding a reliable and trustworthy provider is important and will save you in the long run.


Now days, you may have seen that many reputable domestic or commercial cleaning companies provide an instant quote service. The purpose of this is to facilitate customers in determining that whether the desired company is able to provide the cleaning services within our budget or not. A well decision is always backed up by considering upon several factors and evaluating quotes from other companies too.


You may find many cleaning companies that are providing services in your nearby range. Some may be costly – simply out of your budget range and some may be relatively cheap. It is overwhelming to decide upon which one to hire. Getting a quote from all these companies will better help you in selecting the one which provides the reliable service within your budget range. Keep in mind, the lowest offer isn’t always the best quote. It may be wiser to accept a quote with a more moderate price.


Some people hire cleaners for one time cleaning job only and some contract them on regular basis. Cleaning companies have their own set of policies that people need to know before contracting them. Approaching different companies and getting detail quotes from them help you in determining their particular set of services, the time they will provide you, the number cleaners they will send to your place, the number of visits they will procure or the number of hours they will be at your home/office. When you get these quotes, compare them carefully to find the offer that fits your needs more precisely.


It’s imperative to settle on the right choice and this can be shortlisted through gathering cleaning quotes.  By comparing multiple ideal quotes for your home or business can help save precious time and money; whilst having a thorough understanding of what each provider is offering, it also provides confidence in selecting the right one.


Some people are aware with the average pricing charged by the cleaners but some are not aware. Chances are they may get fooled by some fraud companies. It is an ideal approach to get some estimates or quotes before hiring any one in order to determine the fair pricing.


Some companies offer online quotes in which they simply ask you to provide the details and services you want. Some companies offer in-house evaluation quotes in which they send their representative to visit your home and discuss the details. Both ways are acceptable and widely used as a medium of assurance and satisfaction not only for people but also for service providers.


It’s not difficult to find a cleaner, just open your browser and search for nearby domestic or commercial cleaners, looking into the local newspaper classifieds or even look up the Yellowpages and get their contact details or website link.  Find one that you feel comfortable with and trust in your environment.

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt Review

The TF7100HDPVRt is a hard-drive recorder featuring dual HD TV tuners and a generous 320GB hard drive – useful for around 172 hours’ worth of standard-definition recordings or 43 hours of high-definition content.


The TF-7100HDPVRt is a replacement of its well-known version TF-7000HDPVRt and entails numerous features which were lacked in its previous models. The PVR latest features provides you a chance to perform tricks, for example, recording two shows at once, pausing the live TV and event watching the start of a movie while you’re still recording the end. One of Topfield’s most amazing features is the “Trap Mode”, which is code for skipping the ads – it is a helpful element that is debilitated in TiVo, Topfield’s competitor.


The Topfield also prevents you from channel surfing while you’re time-moving, to make sure that you don’t accidentally delete what’s in the buffer when you’re trailing behind a live show. Another amazing feature is the ability to download an Electronic Program Guide from IceTV (, which is generally more dependable than the EPG embedded in the broadcast signal.


The PVR gives you a chance to set a global edge for error for all scheduled recordings, in case shows are running a couple of minutes late – a vital feature in Australia. You can also adjust the pre and post-padding on individual recordings, which is convenient if you know certain shows tend to run later than others.


Alongside TiVo, the TF7100HDPVRt is one of the few PVRs to offer intelligent storage management- automatically deleting the oldest recordings to clear the space for new ones.


One more of the Topfield’s qualities is the ability to add external USB 2.0 HDD storage, a component TiVo expects to include next year. The Topfield also gives you a chance to transfer recordings off the PVR, by means of USB or FTP – facilitating you to archive recordings. The Topfield is included with Ethernet and wifi for downloading the EPG, yet sadly it’s not a system media player.



The latest PVR model is definitely much improved and refined version of 7000. It highlights ground breaking features with extraordinary performance level. Its expended storage and fascinating tricks provide you a distinct edge in the current market place.


With regards to functionality, performance and complexity -the Topfield TF7100HDPVRt is the sort of PVR package that does it all, for now. The picture quality is much more improved and its Resolution maxes out at 720p or 1080i.



  • Increased USB storage.
  • More improved features.
  • Possess Dual HD TV tuners



  • It still needs improvement to address some issues.
  • Low signal strength sometime cause lip sync problems


Final Verdict

It is one of the best PVR set available in the market including majority of features that customers looking for. Topfield’s TF7100HDPVRt retails for $899USD.